The Bingo Rules in Different Bingo Variants

Although bingo is a very straightforward game, there are rules that are followed and each of its players needs to have a better understanding about the bingo rules before they attempt to play bingo.

There are typically two types of bingo games each with different bingo rules and game format. But the goal of a bingo player remains to be the same regardless whether playing the 90 balls bingo or the 75 balls bingo which is to be the first to win the game of bingo.

In a 90 ball bingo, the bingo rule consists of playing a bingo ticket that has three lines with each line having five numbers. The 90 ball bingo is so called because there are 90 numbers to play for.

The bingo rule in the 90 ball bingo involves the random picking of numbers which are called out by a bingo caller or the winning numbers are displayed on a computer screen for all the players to see.

It is the bingo player's obligation to mark or daub their bingo tickets once the numbers called are found on their bingo tickets. The bingo rules states that there will be three winners from a 90 ball bingo.

A bingo prize is awarded to the first player to mark a single line of numbers completely. Then another can win a bingo prize for being the first to mark all two lines of numbers and the biggest prize is achieved by a player who first marks all three lines of numbers which is called the full house.

In the 75 ball bingo, the players will be playing on a 5x5 grid of bingo ticket. The central square of the bingo ticket is marked as free. The bingo rules involved in the 75 ball bingo will be to play for a bingo pattern which must be formed by a player by marking their bingo tickets according to the numbers being randomly picked.

The bingo rule states that any player who is able to form the bingo pattern wins the jackpot. There are basically several types of bingo patterns that can be played for by bingo players from a 75 ball bingo.

The bingo patterns make the bingo game more interesting to play. It is a bingo rule to determine which winning bingo pattern is to be played by the players before the start of the game.

Progressive jackpots are also common in both the 90 balls and 75 balls bingo. The bingo rules applied with the progressive bingo is determined differently on each type of bingo.

In a 75 balls bingo, the progressive jackpot can only be won by playing for the blackout pattern. This consists of daubing all numbers from the 5x5 grid of bingo ticket. The progressive bingo rules in a 95 ball bingo involve playing for the full house which is marking all three lines of the bingo ticket.

Playing the progressive bingo jackpot offer a much higher profit however one must always adhere to the bingo rules involved in order to qualify for the bigger payout from a progressive bingo.