What Those Bingo Terms Mean

While Bingo is a social game, some newcomers feel intimidated because they might get lost in the conversation if the people around them use Bingo terms and words that they don't understand. To prevent this situation from happening, you must be informed on the meaning of some of the most common phrases you're likely to hear.

Admission Packet:

The minimum number of cards you need to buy to gain entrance to the Bingo hall. This is very important, because you don't want to show up at the venue without enough money to pay for the required cards. The amount you'll pay will vary, and should always be among the first things you should check out.

Ball Gate

This Bingo term refers to the lid which opens up to allow the balls to come through.

Game Board

Because some players may have difficulty hearing the numbers being called out (this is particularly true if the hall is full) some events make use of the game board or Bingo board, where the called numbers are displayed.


This is a Bingo term used for progressive type jackpots.

Consolation Prize

In some progressive Bingo games, consolation prizes are given away in case there is no winner. They usually come in the form of gift items.

Lucky Jar

Also called Cookie Jar, this usually contains a special prize. This can be won in the usual way, or there may be special rules depending on the game.


These are cards printed on very thin material. They are also called throwaways.

Full House

This is another name for the Blackout, which stipulates that all the numbers in the card must be covered to win the game.


This is a special type of dauber that allows you to play with several cards simultaneously.

Hard Bingo Card

These are usually printed on cardboard or similar material, and include shutters to envelop called numbers.


This is a Bingo game played without any free space on the cards.


This is the "tube" in which the ball rolls through, similar to the one used in some lottery games.


Also called launcher, this is the contraption that launches the balls into the designated area.

At first it might seem that there are just too many Bingo terms to master, but rest assured that it will only take a little while to learn them. It won't take long before you start to learn and use these phrases as other veteran players do.